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Vegetable Fried Rice - Chinese Style Veg Fried Rice

Today's recipe is vegetable fried rice - chinese style veg fried rice. Now a days almost everyone love chinese recipes like fried rice, manchurians, noodles, spring rolls etc., and i am also big fan of all these as you all. The recipe which i am sharing one of big hit at home. I love fried rice prepared using basmati rice, because of its aroma and taste. We can prepare this veg fried rice with regular sona masoori rice in 5  to 10 minutes, if rice is cooked readily. And we can also prepare this with left over rice too, your kids surely love to have it when you serve this at evening times when they come from school.  Today i used carrot, beans and spring onion greens(home grown) to prepare this, you can add different color capsicum, mushroom and cabbage as per your wish and availability. Generally for street style and Indo Chinese version veg fried rice we add green and red chilli sauces and tomato ketchups. For Chinese authentic Fried rice we use only soya sauce, the spicy taste is from pepper and green chillies we used. Will post street style veg fried rice soon..

This year 2020, Chinese celebrating first day New year on 25 January, initiating the "Year of the Rat", generally referred as Lunar New Year globally. Chinese New year celebration features dragon and Lion dances. Main Chinese New Year activities include decorating, eating reunion dinner on New Year's Eve with family, fireworks and fire crackers, giving red envelopes and other gifts. Some common gifts includes fruits,cakes, chocolates and candies. Wishing all a happy Chinese New Year " Gong Xi Fa Cai" means wishing you to be prosperous in the coming new year :) (gathered information from wiki).

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Taking this recipe to Foodie Monday blog hop Fb group's  #230ChineseNewYear theme. Today's theme was suggested by Preethi ji who blogs at preethicuisine, she is very talented chef do like her space for very tasty recipes from different regions. I bookmarked many of her many recipes to try, in that pistachio coated dry fruits seeds ball is my favorite. Also liked her latest steamed eggplant chinese style recipe, which is very tempting.



                           Vegetable fried rice - Chinese Veg Fried Rice 

Preparation time - 10 minutes
Soak time - 20 minutes
Cook Time : 10 minutes
Serves : 1 bowl / 2 people
Category : Rice item / Biryani / Regional
Recipe Cuisine: Chinese
Main ingredients : rice, veggies 
Author : Aruna SarasChandra



To Prepare rice

Basmati rice - 1 cup
water - 4 cups
salt - 1 pinch
lemon - 1/2
oil - 1/2 tsp

Veggies, sauce and others

sesame oil / vegetable oil - 2 to 3 tsp (adjust)
onions - 2
green chilli -2 
garlic cloves - 6 to 7
carrot  - 1 
beans - 6
spring onion greens - 1/2 cup (finely chopped)
soya sauce - 2 tsp
black pepper powder/crushed - 1 to 1 and 1/2 tsp (adjust)
white vinegar - 3/4 tsp or lemon juice - 1/2 tsp
red chilli paste - 1/2 tsp ( If you are planning to prepare Indo Chinese fried rice then you can add
Green chili sauce - 1 tsp
red chilli sauce - 1 tsp)
salt as per taste(remember sauce contains salt so add          accordingly)


1) wash basmati rice gently under water and soak it for 15 to 20 minutes in water. Later heat 4 cups of water by adding salt, lemon juice and 1/2 tsp of oil then add rice and cook it on high flames till rice cook , it  take 5 to 7 minutes. Check it by taking 2 to 3 rice grains by pressing with your fingers. If it mash easily then rice cooked well.

2) Then switch flames drain water in strainer and wash it once in cold water and spread it in plate by adding some oil on it. Let it cool and dry by keeping it under fan. Make sure that you drained water completely.

3) Finely chop all the veggies and keep it aside.

4) Heat a wide heavy bottomed pan with oil then add garlic fry it for a second on high flames.

5) then add onions, green chillies fry till it changes color then add carrot and beans. Fry them on high flames by stirring continuously, no need to  cook it completely.

6) Now add half portion of finely chopped spring onion greens and mix everything well.

7) make centre and add salt, 1/2 tsp of black pepper powder , red chilli paste mix everything well.

8) Now add boiled rice, soya sauce, black pepper powder and vinegar. saute everything well without breaking rice. Let it for a minute and switch off the flames. 

Chinese Style veg fried rice is ready to serve, serve hot by garnishing with remaining spring onion greens and enjoy with your family.


** Instead of basmati rice you can prepare it with regular rice.

** You can also prepare it with left over rice.

** You can also add other veggies like cabbage, different colors of capsicum , mushrooms, green peas as per your availability. 

** Do not overcook vegetables, it must be crunchy then only fried rice tastes yummy.

** For Chinese authentic Fried rice we use only soya sauce, the spicy taste is from pepper and green chillies we used. If you want more spicy you can add red chilli paste or sauce as per your taste.

** Adjust spices quantity according to your taste.

** Cook basmati rice perfectly then only you will get perfect fried rice.

** I like fried rice bit spicy so i added some red chilli paste you can add red or green chilli sauces to make it more spicy.

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Hope you like this Chinese Styled Veg Fried rice. Give it a try and drop your comments and pics in inbox.

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