Thursday 1 February 2024

Sprouted ragi and lentil mix for toodler's

 Sprouted ragi, lentil and dry fruit powder mix is super healthy and tasty mix for toddlers and even adults can enjoy it. We can prepare sweet or hot ragi malts using this mix. I regularly prepare sweet mix drink by adding jaggery. My son Riddhesh's favourite food, one and only food that he never rejected is ragi malt. So I tried ragi malt in different ways like Lentil and ragi veggie soupDates and nuts ragi malt , ragi malt using dry fruit powder(makhna and dry fruits powder), ragi malt using oats and dry fruits powder etc., My friend Rama's mom shared this recipe when I was in my home town adoni last time. Aunty told to add navadhayam along with sprouted ragi, but I choosed only few lentils as per my taste..

Around 12 to 14 months Riddhesh stopped eating almost everything  and started accepting only ragi malt, white rice and banana milk shake. I tried to feed baby different food in different ways but it's big No. I even changed many doctors too but nothing worked. One of the doctor suggested to give ragi malt in different ways, so I tried it in many ways. Some of my friends and family suggested to stop giving ragi as it's filling so baby not eating other food and it may cause cooling effect. I stopped giving it for few days but baby started getting week. So I started again giving in different ways so that he can get good proteins and nutrients, now Riddhesh is going to complete 17 months, from past 1 mnth baby started accepting some foods and started showing interest to eat different food 😊 Many of friends too told that after 1 year few kids stops eating food for 2 to 3 mnths later they start eating. I think they are right, so mommies dt worry like me kids will accept food slowly, I will try to share all the food recipes that my son having in different stages.. ☺️.

Event : Shhhhh Secretly cooking challenge

Taking this healthy mix to shhhhh secretly cooking challange, this month theme "cook with sprouts" was suggested by Jaya shree . I am paired with Radha who blogs at "The magical ingredients" do check out her space for healthy & tasty recipes. She gave me soya bean nd cashew nuts as secret ingredients,in turn I gave her Fenugreek sprouts and fresh turmeric as secret ingredients. Radha prepared very tasty and healthy fenugreek sprouts pulao, do check out her space.

sprouted ragi and lentil mix  

Serves : 750gms + approximately 

Category : toodler's food

Recipe Cuisine: Indian

Main ingredients : ragi


Ragi - 500gms

Rice -1/4 cup

Toor dal - 1/4 cup 

Split moong dal - 1/4 cup 

Urad dal - 1/4 cup

Soya bean - 1/4 cup 

Elachi - 10(optional)

Cashew nuts - 20

Almonds - 20

Pistachio - 20

Note :

*)I used selected lentil for my toddler's, you can use navadhayam / nine grains as per your wish.

*) I regularly prepare sweet ragi malt so I added elachi, you can skip this if you want to use this mix for soup. Adding small amount dt make much difference if you use this mix for soups. So add it according to your taste .


*) Wash ragi under water for 2 to 3 times and soak ragi in water overnight.

*) Next day morning drain out water completely and tigh it in cloth and keep it in box . After 2 days we will get sprouted ragi.

*) Wash other lentils(not dry fruits) and soak it for 1 to 2 hrs and drain out water completely. 

3) Now dry sprouted ragi and lentils under sun, I dried it for 2 days. 

4) Make sure that above ingredients dried completely, now dry fry all the sun dried ingredients till you get nice aroma and they start chanting color.

5) Also dry fry dry fruits seperately till they change color. 

6) cool all the fried ingredients completely to room temperature. Add elachi to the above and prepare fine powder using mixer or you can give to grinder mill(I prefer mil so that we get fine powder)

That's it our sprouted ragi and lentil mix is ready. Store it air tight container. We can store it more than 6 month to 1 year. 

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Hope you liked this healthy and tasty ragi and lentil mix recipe, will try to share this video from scratch very soon. 

Thank you 

Aruna Saras Chandra😊