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Kesar Badam Milk || Saffron Almond milk || Badam Milk

 Kesar Badam Milk is Indian delicious, energetic and super yummy drink which we can serve hot or cold. I just love to have it cold with extra chopped almonds in it. Saffron added in it makes this drink very aromatic and delectable. This kesar badam milk is good for this winter season. Kesar is known as saffron, we have many health benefits of saffron, having saffron milk regularly cures insomnia, it improves digestion, reduces anxiety and acts as good antioxidant. Do check Saffron lassi, surely you will love it.  I am big fan of almonds, I just love to adding almond in my daily routine food like dates & nuts ragi maltoats & nuts ladooPoha badam ladoosabudana coconut ladoo using almonds powderalmond mango sandeshdates & dry fruits barfi,dates & banana smoothie . Having almonds regularly will gives good strength to our bones, it is good for growing kids. It prevents heart diseases and it also prevents hair loss. I also prepare kesar badam mix I will share that recipe soon. 

 Foodie Monday Blog Hop

Taking this utterly delicious kesar badam milk recipe to #FoodieMondayBloghop fb group's #266ExoticSaffron theme . Here every week one member from group in alphabetical order will suggest 2 theme, others will vote. High voted theme will be selected, everyone prepare recipes according to theme. This week theme is suggested by Mayuri di, she is very talented chef I love reading her detailed recipes with lovely presentation. I bookmarked many of her recipes like chilli avocado cakeRam LadooMethi muthia  and her latest Saffron Tapioca pudding to try soon.


                                          Kesar Badam Milk 

Preparation time  - 10 minutes
Soak time : 4 hours or overnight
cook Time : 15 to 20 minutes
Serves : 2
Category : Beverages
Recipe Cuisine: Indian
Main ingredients : Almonds, saffron 
Author : Aruna SarasChandra


Almonds - 20+5

Milk - 400ml 

Saffron strands - 20 strands +5 strands 

sugar - 3 to 4 tsp(adjust)

green cardamom powder - 1 tsp


1) Soak almonds 4 hours or overnight or in hot water till you can peel its skin. Also soak saffron in 2 tsp of hot milk for 30 min.

2)Peel almonds skins, grind it to fine paste by adding some water or milk.

3) Heat 400ml of milk in a pan, boil it on low to medium flames, till it becomes bit thick. 

4) Now add sugar mix everything well and cook till sugar dissolves.

5) Now add saffron which is soaked in milk and elachi/ green cardamom powder and mix well. 

6) Later add prepared almonds paste, mix everything well and cook it in low flames for 7 to 10 min or till milk becomes thick. 

7) Mean while finely chop almonds for garnishing and keep it aside. When milk becomes thick, switch off the flames.

7) Take kesar badam milk in a serving cups/glasses garnish it chopped almonds and saffron.

That's it our Kesar Badam Milk is ready to serve. You can serve hot or cold. If you want to serve it cool, keep this in refrigerator for minimum 2 hours and enjoy your drink. 


* Use full fat milk to get creamy texture.

*Soaking almonds is must, soak overnight or 4 hours or soak in hot water for 2 hours, so that you can remove almonds skin easily.

* Adjust sugar quantity as per your taste.

* You can also garnish it with pistachios and cashew nuts too.

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