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Musk melon milk shake, Kharbuja milk shake, Mulam pazham milk shake

Summer season started milk shakes, fruit juices are must needed energy boosters to stay healthy. Ohh yaa we also need ice creams and cool drinks too 😍😋. Today's post  is musk melon milk shake with out addding sugar and ice cream, it is hubby's favorite drink we both love it ❤️. Musk melon is also known as Cantaloupe in English, Mulam pazham in Tamil, Kharbuja in hindi, in telugu and kannada also we call it Kharbuja. It is very easy to prepare and gives instant energy and low calorie juice with milk, badam and honey.  I did not added  ice cream or ice cubes, I just used chilled milk, if you are using thick milk then you will good creamy milk shake, kids will love to have it 😍. Also check Mango LassiSabja buttermilkMango Falooda

  Instead of cutting musk melon into pieces, scoop it and serve milk shake in musk melon kids will enjoy it. Keep some musk melon pieces aside and mix it in juice, melon bites and dry fruits nutty taste gives good taste while drinking. We can also use dry fruits like cashew nuts, pistachios for garnishing.  We can also add ice cream like vanilla to prepare this milk shake. 

         Musk melon Milk shake 

Preparation Time : 15 minutes
Cook Time : 0 min
Serves : 2
Category : Beverages 
Recipe Cuisine: Indian
Main ingredients : Musk melon
Author : ArunaSarasChandra


Musk melon - 1
Chilled milk - 2 glasses(adjust)
Honey - 3 tsp(adjust)
Badam - 7
Ice cubes - 3(I did not added)


1) clean musk melon in water, cut into 2 halves and remove the seeds from it. 

2) Scoop musk melon and take it into mixer jar or juice blender. 

3) Keep some musk melon aside for garnishing. (** check tips)

4) Add 2 glasses of milk to the above, I used 2 small glasses of milk, adjust milk as per the size of musk melon you are using. 

5) Now add finely chopped badam pieces to the above,  keep some aside for garnishing. (** check tips)

6) It's time to add honey  you can replace honey with sugar. (**check tips). If you want to add ice cube add at this point. 

7) Now blend the milk shake till it becomes smooth and creamy. 

Take the above into serving glasses and add remaining chopped musk melon pieces and finely chopped badam pieces and garnish it with tsp of honey. That's it low calorie, creamy, tasty and healthy musk melon milk shake it ready to serve. 


* You can also add vanilla or musk melon ice cream while blending juice to get more creamy texture. 

* You can also add elachi powder while blending. 

* Adjust milk and honey quantity according to musk melon size you use. 


** Instead of honey you can add sugar, inorder to make it more healthy and low calorie juice I always use honey. 

** You can use dry fruits like Kaju, pistachios along with badam for garnishing. 

** Do not add more ice cubes it will make your juice thin. 

** To get more creamy juice use thick fat milk. 

** If your milk is not cool and do not want to add ice cubes then prepare it early and keep it in refrigerator. 

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Hope you like this healthy and refreshing musk melon milk shake . Give it a try and drop your comments in inbox.

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