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Lachha Paratha, layered paratha, how to make lachha paratha using wheat flour

Lachha paratha is popular North Indian paratha recipe. It is also known as lachedar paratha or layered paratha.  Now a days parathas are famous in all places, available in small hotels also. The preparation of kerala paratha is also same as lachha paratha. But the difference is kerala parathas are prepared using maida,eggs. We have to knead the dough for long time in the preparation of kerala paratha and consumption of oil is also more compared to lachha paratha. There are different forms of preparing lachha paratha. I know two ways which i regularly prepare at home. 
Applying oil while rolling chapathi's  & rolling chapathi very smoothly  are important  to get layered paratha. Otherwise you do not get layers . Depending on time and ocassion i select the way to prepare this lachha/layered paratha.

  It looks bit difficult to prepare, but trust me it is easy to prepare if you know the technique. In order to get layers it consumes some amount of  oil/ghee. Using ghee adds taste to paratha.  In any special  occassions prepare  this lachha parathas with any rich curries like Kaju curry (upcoming post), paneer butter masalaKadai Paneerkhova paneer or with any dal.

Lets start recipe..

Preparation Time :  10 minutes  

Cook Time : 25 minutes
Serves : 5 parathas
Category : Lunch/Dinner
Recipe Cuisine: Indian
Main ingredients : wheat flour
Author : Aruna


Wheat flour - 1 bowl(2 cups)

Milk - 1/2 cup
Water - 1/2  cup (use as per  requirement)
Oil - 1 tsp (for mixing dough)
Ghee - 2 tsp
Oil - 4 tsp for rotating paratha
Salt - as per taste

Instructions to prepare lachha paratha

1)Take a bowl add wheat flour and salt. 

2) Add 1 tsp of  oil to the above mix it.

3) Now add milk, mix the dough well. 

4) Sprinkle water little by little mix the above flour till u get smooth dough.

5) Rest the dough with wet cloth for 20-30 minute.

6) After 30 minutes knead the dough well and pinch equal amount of dough and roll them into balls. 

7) Flatten the dough balls and roll it into wheat flour. 

8) Roll the dough into thin circle, no need to worry if it won't form circle. Roll it as thin as possible.

9) Grease ghee over chapathi. You can also use oil.

10) Now cut the chapathi as shown below using knife or pizza cutter.

11) Start collecting the pieces carefully as shown below.

12) Collect the pieces properly and brush some oil.

13) Strech the above as much as possible and start rolling it tightly.

14) Roll the above and form dough ball.

15) Press the edges of the dough and start rolling it into thick circles.

16) Heat chapathi tawa and place rolled paratha carefully. After a minute flip off the paratha and cook it other side.

17) Once bubbles form apply ghee/oil and roast both sides till you get brown spots.

18)  Take the paratha in a plate and crush it well to get the layers as shown below. Lachha paratha is ready.

19) Other easy way which can we can use reguarly is 

--> after rolling the dough into circle, create pleats by folding small portion with your fingers holding the edges as shown below.

20) Strecth the pleats as shown below and start rolling to make it a dough ball.

21) Continue the same steps(from 14-18).


Yummy and tasty layered parathas are ready to serve 😋😋.


 ◆ You can use both wheat flour and maida, 1:1 portion of both flours as per your wish.

◆ Using milk while moulding dough is optional, you can use water instead.

◆ You can use either ghee or oil to brush the chapathi.

◆ You can also use butter while frying the lachha parathas.


● Brushing the chapathi (step 10-14) is must to get layers.

● Roast the parathas on medium flames, so that the parathas cook well as we are rolling it bit thick to get layers.

We do not get layers if we press th dough ball hardly with rolling pin (step - 15) while preparing chapathi . 

● After preparing parathas do not forgot to crush the parathas to get layers visible.

● Preparing parathas thick will give you layers.

● Resting dough for 20-30 minutes is must to get smooth and soft layered parathas.

Follow the tips and prepare many layered lachha parathas and enjoy your day😍.
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