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Milaga podi for Idli and Dosa, Tamil Nadu style Idli Dosa podi

Today's recipe is spicy, crunchy and aromatic Tamil Nadu style lentils powder called Milagai podi , it is also known as ulutham parappu milagai podi in Tamil or simply idli dosa podi. Idli, Dosa's are commonly prepared breakfast recipes in South Indian homes.  We prepare chutney's like Coconut Chutney
  Pudina coconut chutneyGreen chutney etc., But podi's are best accompaniment for breakfasts. These spicy  powders prepared differently in different regions. Like in Andhra we prepare gun powder for breakfasts and for meals using combination of  coriander seeds, ground nuts, tamarind etc., In Tamil Nadu they use sesame seeds in podi preparation. My aunt bought this milagai podi when she visited to my home, she gave me this podi recipe to me. Podi taste yummy when we add Ghee, or  any heated oil like sesame oil, ground nut oil (kachina nune in telugu) in podi. 

  Measurements and ingredients for this podi may vary as per interest. I am sharing the recipe which i prepare regularly given by my aunt. This podi tastes crunchy when it is fried on low flames. I always prefer to dry fry dal's and add a drop of oil to fry red chilies, in order to increase the shell life of podi. You can add small amount oil to fry dals. We can have this podi with idli, dosa, uttapams, upma, thalipeth. I even love to have it with hot steamed rice with dollop of ghee, or with roti's by adding 2 tsp of curd in podi 😍

                  Idli Dosa Milagai Podi

Preparation Time : 15 minutes
Cook Time : 10 minutes
Serves : 1 bottle
Recipe Category: powder/podi
Recipe Cuisine: Tamil Nadu
Main Ingredient : Urad dal
Author: Aruna SarasChandra


Urad dal - 1 small glass
Chana dal - 1/2 glass
Sesame seeds - 2 tsp
Curry leaves - 2 sprigs
Red chillies - 12
Hing - 1/4 tsp
Oil - 2 drops
Salt as per taste


1)Add chana dal in a pan, dry fry it on low flames till changes color evenly and take it into plate.

2) Then add urad dal dry fry evenly on low flames till it changes color and get nice aroma. Take the fried dal into same plate.

3) If you feel the pan is too hot, then switch off the flames and add sesame seeds(nuvvulu, til). Or fry it low flames and take it into plate.(** check tips).

4) Now add 2 drops of oil in pan and fry red chillies on low flames till it changes color.

5) Now add fresh or dry curry leaves fry it well and take it into plate.

6) Let all the fried ingredients cool, later take it into mixer jar. Add hing and salt to it.

7) Grind the above to slightly coarse powder or coarse powder or smooth powder. I prefer to grind slight coarse powder which gives nutty taste.

That's it spicy, tasty, slight crunchy and aromatic milagai podi for idli and dosa's are ready. Let the podi cool, later store it in air tight container,  We can store it for 15 to 20 days


* You can also add 1 tsp of cumin seeds / jeera.


** Adjust red chilies quantity according to the spicy of chili. If you do not have idea about the spicy of chilli then d't grind fried chillies all at once. 

** Dry frying lentils will increase the shell life of podi. 

** color of podi depends on the type of chillies we used.

** Sesame seeds fry quickly, so be careful while frying.

** Always fry ingredients on low flames, do not burn it. 

** Adding hing will gives nice aroma to the podi.

** You can also use dry curry leaves, if you are using fresh curry leaves then make sure to fry it without moist.

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Hope you like this aromatic nd tasty milaga podi. Give it a try and drop your comments in inbox.

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