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Pachai Sundakkai Thogayal || Diabetic friendly turkey berry thuvayal || Tamil Nadu popular Sundakkai Thogayal

 Pachai Sundakkai thogayal/ thuvayal with step by step pics and tips. It is popular thogayal recipe from Tamil Nadu cuisine. Sundakkai means turkey berries in English, usthikaya in Telugu and kudanekayi in Kannada. Thogayal or thuvayal is tasty appetizer which looks like chutney. We always confuse the difference between thogayal /thuvayal and chutney , thogayal / thuvayal  and chutney is different in taste and texture. 

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Difference between Thogayal / Thuvayal & chutney

*Thogayal is thick in one consistency, we can have it with plain rice or with curd rice. We use less water or no water while grinding. Ingredients like urad dal, red chillies, mustard and chillies are fried before grinding. Giving tempering to thogayal is optional. We call it as roti pachadi in Telugu. 

*Chutney is thin or running consistency, and mostly we have it with breakfast like idli, dosa or upma. We use water while grinding chutney. 

  Sundakkai taste bitter, but it has many health benefits, it controls diabetes, prevents gas trouble, strengthen bones and many more. I have turkey berry plant in my garden, I prepared this chutney few times, hubby loved it a lot. I experimented it in different ways, but loved this thogayal a lot. Fresh turkey taste bitter, thogayal which i am sharing is not much bitter in taste. Have this thogayal with hot steamed rice and dollop of ghee or with gingelly oil, surely you will love to have it again and again.

Health benefits of Turkey Berry / Pachai Sundakkai 

*Promotes Digestion

* Good for diabetic people

* Treats Anemia

* It is rich in Vit-C, acts as antioxidant & anti infection

* Cures abdominal cramps

* Cures indigestion problems

* Good for heart

* Promotes kidney functioning 

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                                    Pachai Sundakkai Thogayal

Preparation time  - 10 minutes
cook Time : 15 minutes
Serves : 2
Category : Chutney / Thogayal / Regional 
Recipe Cuisine: Tamil Nadu
Main ingredients : Pachai Sundakkai / Fresh turkey berry
Author : Aruna SarasChandra



Turkey berry - 50 grams

gingelly oil - 2 tsp

mustard seeds - 1/2 tsp

urad dal - 1 tsp

chana dal -1 tsp

curry leaves - 1 sprig (I dint used ** check tips)

red chilli - 3

green chilli -2

fresh coconut - 2 tsp

tamarind- small marble size

hing - 1 pinch

turmeric powder - 1/4 tsp

jaggery - 1/2 tsp


1) Fresh turkey berry looks like this.


2)Remove turkey berry heads and wash it well in water.

3) Heat 2 tsp of  gingelly oil or normal oil in a kadai. Gingelly oil gives very aroma and good taste to thogayal.

4) Add 1/2 tsp of mustard seeds fry it on low flames.

5) When mustard seeds starts crackling, add 2 tsp of urad dal fry till changes color. Then add methi seeds, red & green chilli fry well and take it into plate.

6) Crush fresh turkey berry in mortar pestle coarsely, then fry it in kadai on low flames.

7) When white layer formed on turkey berry then switch off the flames.

8) Take fried ingredients into mixer jar, add turmeric powder, hing, coconut pieces, tamarind, jaggery and grind it coarsely.

9) Now add fried turkey berry, salt in the above add some water and grind it finely.

That's it our healthy and tasty pachai sundakkai thogayal is ready to serve. Serve it with hot steamed rice, dollop of ghee and enjoy your meal.


** By adding fresh coconut and jaggery will reduce bitter taste. If you want thogayal bitter skip adding both.

** Chutney color depends on the variety of red chilli we are using. For video i used Kashmiri red chilli so thogayal color was red.

** crush turkey berry before frying, as it changes color quickly.

** You can also add onions, garlic by frying.

** Add less water to get thick consistency.

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Hope you like this healthy, spicy, tasty and regional pachai sundakkai thogayal. Give it a try and drop your comments in inbox.

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  1. A very nice detailed recipe on how to use fresh sundakkai to prepare thogayal.

  2. We commonly use pachhai Sundakkai in gojju, sambar or Vattalkozhambu. Never thought of using it in Thogayal! It does look brilliant and very flavourful. :)

    Lovely pics and presentation.

    1. It's very tasty Priya, Try it once. Thank you 😊

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I've not seen or used turkey berries but this is definitely an interesting recipe. Using them to make a thogayal to enjoy with rice.. a good way to enjoy the nutrients of these berries.

    1. Try when you get some turkey berries di, Thank you 😊

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  5. Excellent recipe. Never heard of this Turkey berry. Looks so delicious and flavorful. I can feel the taste.

  6. Never heard or tasted Turkey berries but the recipe sounds interesting. Such a delicious way to use the healthy berries In the form of thogayal.

  7. Turkey berries sound completely new for me. And also you have used these to make an unique recipe here Aruna !

  8. I am actively going to hunt for these berries. This thogayal is something I will enjoy making and eating too. My hubby is diabetic so I can try it out on him. Looks yummy.

    1. I too get these fresh turkey berries rarely di. You will get sun dried vathal online, check it once di.

  9. We make vatta kuzhambu or Gojju with Turkey berry. Thogeyal sounds Interesting. It is so easy to make . Perfect with hot rice , ghee and papad. Delicious share Aruna.

  10. I always make sundakkai kuzhambu with fresh ones. This looks so flavorful and delicious. Need some hot hot rice and ghee to enjoy them

  11. ur pachadis make me hungry always, Aruna !! this one with the fresh sundakki is very new and delicious .. great share..

  12. Just tried it. Came out very well. Thank you , 🙏😊