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Butterfly Pea Flower Tea || Blue Tea || How to prepare herbal blue tea || Sanku pushpam Tea || 4 varieties of Blue Tea

Butterfly Pea Flower Tea || Blue Tea with step by step pics and tips.  This blue tea is caffeine free herbal tea, it is very popular tea in  Asian countries like Thailand,Vietnam, Thailand, India and Malaysia. This butterfly pea flower is also known as Blue pea, Asian Piegonwings, Aparjita, Clitoria, Cordonfan pea. It is also known as sanku puvvu/ pushpam in telugu. Firstly i am not tea or coffee liking person, but i just love herbal tea's like green tea(youtube link), hibiscus tea and this butterfly pea flower tea or blue tea. The beauty of this flower is it changes blue color to purple color when we add lemon to it, isn't it interesting?? Involve your kids to prepare this color changing game tea. I did some experiments too, will share it here check out. "If you want you can remove green stem of flower, as you may feel bitter taste. If you are using dry flower add as it is.  I did not removed green stem as i like its taste, prepare according to your taste." Will share video in youtube soon.

We can use dried or fresh flowers to prepare this tea. Dried butterfly pea flowers are available online too. Luckily i have four colors - white, blue, dark blue with five petals and pink color butterfly pea plants at home. Pink color plant is small, eagerly waiting to see pink flowers 😍. This plant will grow easily in any soil, it is climbing plant and it is seed based. My mom gave these seeds to me, previously i had only white color plant. In my last visit to my mom's place i collected these seeds. If we do not pluck flower then seeds will form. I use some flowers to make small garland with these flower for pooja daily and remaining flowers i prepare tea evening. I & hubby love to have green tea and blue tea in alternate days.


How this tea taste
As it is herbal , butterfly pea tea taste woody and earthy flavor, like green tea not like normal tea. Many of us do not like this taste and flavor but after knowing the health benefits surely you will like to try this drink.

Health benefits of Butterfly Pea Flower 

** It is good for migraine
** Good for skin, it slows the ageing process.
** This butterfly pea flower is good hair conditioner, in Thai this is used to prepare medicine for premature hair grey and hair loss medicine. 
** It is good for brain health
** Improves immunity system
** helps for weight loss 
** Gives relief from stress, anxiety and depression and many more.

What other recipes we can prepare?

**Thailand popular "Nahm Dok Anchan"
**Malaysian - Nasi Kerabu(Malaysian rice recipe)
** Blue lemonade tea
** Blue Tea Latte
** Butterfly pea flower sourdough bread
** Blue jellies 
** Butterfly pea flower cup cakes
** Blue ice creams using Butterfly pea flower many more...

What i experimented, simply- 4 easy varieties of Blue Tea 

When i first prepared this tea, i wondered the way it changing color while boiling it. Do check the below pics you can see 4 different colors of tea. I really love these colors, they are very beautiful and gives good feel to your eyes isn't it?

From left

1) Plain Butterfly pea flower Tea
2) Lemon Butterfly Pea Flower Tea
3) Sugar added Butterfly Pea Flower Tea
4) Brown sugar added Butterfly Pea Flower Tea (check down for recipe)

What other recipes in mind to experiment 

I have few recipes in my mind to experiment using this butterfly pea flower 😃😄, okay  okay i will tell you ..

*After trying both Cold coffee with coffee jelly(youtube link) & Chocolate and custard jelly cake. I am thinking to prepare butterfly pea jelly cake and soda based cold drink using sabja seeds in butterfly pea flower juice and many more 😜. 

Foodie Monday Blog Hop

Taking this herbal tea to #FoodieMondayBloghop fb group #263Herbal&Health theme . Here every week one member from group in alphabetical order will suggest 2 theme, others will vote. High voted theme will be selected, everyone prepare recipes according to theme. This week i got chance to suggest the theme, in this herbal tea theme selected by my blogger friends.  Will share all their recipes soon here.


                         Butterfly pea flower tea

Preparation time  - 10 minutes
cook Time : 10 minutes
Serves : 4 glasses
Category : Beverages || Herbal
Recipe Cuisine: Asian
Main ingredients : Butterfly Pea Flower
Author : Aruna SarasChandra

Ingredients ( for 4 different varieties of tea adjust accorndingly)

* Butterfly pea flowers - 15( this to prepare 4 varieties of tea,                                                  take flowers accordingly)
* water - 4 glasses/cup(measure water in glasses/cups which you                    serve and some more water as it reduce when we boil)
* Honey - 1 tsp
* Lemon - 1 tsp
* Sugar - 1 tsp
* Brown Sugar - 1 tsp


1) If you want you can remove green stem of fresh flower before boiling. 
2) Instead of boiling flowers in water, you can soak it in hot water till flowers leave color.
3) Boil 4 glasses/cups of water(measured as per serving glasses).

4) Add fresh butterfly pea flowers and boil it medium to high flames.

5) Boil till flowers leave color

see how flower color changed from blue to white after boiling..

6) Strain 1 glass of blue tea in glass.

That's it our plain Butterfly pea tea is ready to serve. This tea is dark blue in color.

7) Now add 1 tsp of honey in a glass

8) Pour 1 glass of  blue tea in it, mix well and squeeze lemon in it. You can see the color change from dark blue to purple color slowly.

  That's it plain and Lemon flavored butterfly pea flower tea is ready to serve.

9) Add 1 tsp of sugar in a glass/cup pour blue tea in it and mix well. Dark color quickly changes to light when sugar melts in blue tea. That's it our sugar added butterfly pea flower tea is ready to serve.

 10) Now add 1 tsp of brown sugar in remaining blue tea. Ready to see the magical color changing from dark blue to dark brown 😊.

   11) When brown sugar melt well, strain it into tea glass/cups                

That's it our sugar and brown sugar butterfly pea flower tea is ready to serve.

Do you think our 4 varieties of herbal Blue Tea is ready? No no wait see one more color change 😀 

12) If you want to experiments like me then try this one, squeeze 1 tsp of lemon juice in brown sugar added butterfly pea flower tea see the magic..

See how dark brown color changed to purple color 😍. That's it our 4 varieties of butterfly pea flower tea is ready to serve. Enjoy this herbal Blue Tea hot or warm and stay healthy.


** I shared 4 varieties of Blue tea, try as per taste.

** Add water by measuring in the serving tea glasses/cups.

** If you want you can remove green stem of flower, as you may feel bitter taste. I do not feel that much bitter so i did not removed it.

** You can boil flowers in water or soak flowers in hot water,(soak in flask so that it will remain hot)

Hope you enjoyed this magical color changing and healthy herbal blue tea. Also check other healthy beverage from my 
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  1. Nice and colorful looking herbal tea using shanka pushpam..i was reminded on chem lab as I was reading through your post. Isn't it fun to see such chemical reactions and color changes even if we are grown ups ?

  2. I just can't take my eyes off these vibrantly colored herbal tea made with butterfly pea flowers. The garland too looks so beautiful. You are lucky to have these flowering yree at home. I have to look for it online I guess.

    1. Thank you Poonam, you can find seeds in nurseries too. It grow very easily and quickly.

  3. Awesomely awesome. What a eye catching drink. Loved these colorful herbal tea. Mostly the purple colour with lemon juice. We can make some soft drinks with this flower with beautiful colour. Lovely share.

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