Saturday 11 April 2020

Sapota Milkshake || Chikoo Milkshake recipe

Sapota milkshake || Chikoo milkshake with step by step pics and tips. Hi friends how are you all doing? Hope you all are staying at home and safe. Keep yourself hygiene and eat healthy food that increase your immunity system. Chikoo / Sapota milkshake is very easy peasy health drink, it is very creamy and thick milkshake with natural flavors of sapota. We can serve it with or without ice cream, as it is very creamy we can just serve it chilled. I added soaked almonds which is not only tasty but also very healthy and also adds thick creamy texture to milkshake. Adding chocochips make kids to have it without fail 😍. I love to add freshly scraped coconut while garnishing, as coconut is not available right now i just skipped it. Instead of sugar i used brown sugar, taste vary when you use sugar. 


                                 Sapota MilkShake

Soak time - 2 hrs
Preparation time - 15 minutes
Serves: 2 glasses
Category : Beverage 
Recipe Cuisine: Indian 
Main ingredients : Sapota
Author : Aruna SarasChandra



Sapota / chikoo - 6
cold milk - 2 glasses
soaked almonds - 10 to 12
Brown sugar / sugar - 2 tsp(adjust)

To garnish

almonds - 4
chocolate chips - 1 tsp
sapota pieces - 1/2 cup


1) Soak almonds for minimum 2 hrs and peel its skin.

2)Take ripped sapotas , wash it under water, cut it in middle and remove seeds. Scoop sapota with the help of spoon and take it into plate.

3) Add boiled and chilled milk in a mixer jar add sugar / brown sugar / coconut sugar. Add soaked almonds and sapota pieces in milk and blend it.

4) Blend the above till you get creamy texture.

 5) Take above milkshake into serving glasses, add sapota pieces grated almond and sprinkle some choco chips. You can also add vanilla ice cream on top.

That's it our tropical fruit sapota milkshake is ready to serve, serve chilled and enjoy your day.


** You can also add vanilla extract while blending milkshake.

** Adjust sweetness accordingly.

** You can skip garnishing choco chips or can add grate any cadbury or compound chocolate.

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Hope you like this healthy and tasty sapota milkshake . Give it a try and drop your comments in inbox.

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