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Vangi bath masala powder || Vangi bath powder || Karnataka style vangi bath powder

Vangi bath masala powder || Karnataka Style vangi bath masala powder with step by step pics and tips. Hai friends how are you all? hope everyone safe, healthy and staying at home. Today's recipe is vangi bath masala powder which is used to prepare tasty and flavorful rice item by adding brinjal called vangibath. It is Karnataka special rice item sured as breakfast, lunch or even for lunch box. Prepare this vangi bath masala powder once store it airtight container and use it to prepare vangi bath easily. Masala powders that are prepared at home are always have unique taste. You can also use this vangi bath masala powder in different palya / curry recipes too. I always have some powders like 
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 handy, so  that i can prepare rice items like karivepaku podi annam using these powders/podi or can have it with breakfast. Almost in all South Indian house we will find their signature podi recipes and masala powders with unique taste. It is very easy to prepare vangibath if this masala powder is ready. If you are kids are staying in rooms? just pack this masala powders to them so that they prepare vangibath easily. It also helps to bachelors and working women who are always in hurry. Will share Vangi bath rice item very soon..

Foodie Monday Blog Hop 

Taking this recipe to Foodie Monday Blog Hop fb group's #242MasalaDabba theme. Today's theme was suggested Preethi ji, theme is to prepare masala powder yes homemade masala powder. So check out our bloggers friends different varieties of masala powders. Preethi ji  is very talented chef do like her space for very tasty recipes from different regions. I bookmarked many of her many recipes to try, in that pistachio coated dry fruits seeds ball is my favorite. Also liked her latest steamed eggplant chinese style recipe, which is very tempting, also check her today's kundapur masala powder.



                             Vangi bath masala powder

Preparation time - 20 minutes
Serves : 1 cup
Category : Powder / Podi
Recipe Cuisine: Indian 
Main ingredients : dals 
Author : Aruna SarasChandra



Coriander seeds - 2 tsp
urad dal -2 tsp
chana dal -2 tsp
fenugreek seeds  - 1/8 tsp
red chilli - 10
poppy seeds - 1 tsp
dry coconut - 1/2 cup
cloves - 4
cinnamon stick - 1/2 inch
elachi -2 
oil - 1 tsp


1) Take a wide pan add oil, add red chillies fry till they changes colors take it into plate.

2) Now add urad and chana dal in the same pan, fry on low to medium flames. When it starts changing color add coriander seeds fry everything well till you get nice aroma. Later add all remaining ingredients mentioned in list fry it well.

3) Let the above cool to room temperature, then take it mixer jar. 

4) Grind the above ingredients to fine powder , take it into plate and let it cool.

That's it our Karnataka special vangi bath masala powder is ready. Store it in clean and airtight container.



** Fry all ingredients on low to medium flames, do not burn it and make sure that everything fried well.

** You can also add jaggery powder while grinding.

** Always store masala powders in clean, dry and airtight containers.

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Hope you like this Karnataka style vangi bath masala powder recipe. Give it a try and drop your comments in inbox.

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  1. Never used Vangi bhaat powder though have seen lot of posts with it. Masala recipe sounds so flavourful and aromatic with coconut, dals and spices. Wonderful share.

  2. Wow! The vangi bath masala looks so rustic and lovely, I can imagine how fragrant and flavourful it must be. Thank you for the authentic recipe. I'll definitely try this out some time.

  3. We love vangi bhaatto the core. Thanks for this Karnataka style podi recipe Aruna. After your bittergourd podi I am bookmarking this one as well.

  4. Lovely vangi bath masala, I wanted to make it too as sometime soon I want to try out vangi bath recipe. However, couldn't as I don't have dried coconut. When I do decide to make it, definitely going to follow your recipe.

  5. So aromatic and fiery vanginbath masala powder. Absolutely handy for many of us. I keep stock of this masala always. Beautiful clicks too Aruna.

  6. Vangi bath masala powder looks so rustic and awesome Aruna ! So
    flavorful it must be.Love this authentic masala recipe.

  7. I had this in mind for the theme, Aruna ! I think Amma makes it very similarly except for a few ingredients... yes Vangibhath or any vegetable bhath or Khara bhath is incmplete wthout this powder... so nice to see your household recipe for this !

  8. I have never make a separate masala for vangi bath. Just use the general one, but would love to try this as it looks quite aromatic and quite flavourful.

  9. Wow. I always look for vangi bath masala powder recipe to prepare in home and I have found one now. Looks so flavorful. Will surely try this recipe.

  10. Vangi bath powder look so colorful, tht cute little chili is looks like cherry on top for masala ;)