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Kakarakaya karam podi, bitter gourd spicy powder, diabetic friendly bitter gourd karam podi

Kakarakaya karam podi - Bitter gourd spicy powder with step by step pics and tips. Kakarakaya karam podi is spicy, less bitter, super tasty and very aromatic. Karakaya in telugu is also called as pavakkai in Tamil, karela in Hindi and hagalakayi in Kannada. Many of us hate bitter gourd to the core i am also one in that once , but you know i changed long back after eating my katsu doddamma bitter gourd curry. This bitter gourd karam podi is for them who hates it, as it is not bitter like curries, so you can have it happily. Taste of this karam podi depends on two things, 1- quantity of ingredients, 2 - how you are frying, so take care of these things.  If you take less quantity of bitter gourd and add other ingredients more (viceversa) then you do not get the perfect taste. This podi is tastes spicy and makes your house very aromatic with its flavors. Trust me this is the best way to start eating bitter gourd. As bitter gourd is very helpful for diabetic patients, boots immune system, lowers bad cholesterol levels. I just love to have this hot steamed rice with dollop of ghee, it also goes well with idli, dosa, upma and other breakfast too. This   stuffed bitter gourd curry is also very tasty check it out.

Taking this healthy kakarakaya karam podi recipe to FoodieMondayBloghop fb groups #231CondimentsMagic theme. Today's theme was suggested by Renu who  blogs at "cookwithrenu". She suggested us to share condiment recipes that lesser known. So i decided to share this recipe, because kids and many of us d't like eating bitter gourd because of its bitter taste. I bookmarked Renu's sprouted wheat flour bread , paush bada recipes to try it soon.Do check her space, you will love it.                                                                              

           Kakarakaya Karam Podi / Bitter Gourd spicy powder 

Preparation time - 10 minutes
cook Time : 15 minutes
Serves : 1 cake
Category : Podi
Recipe Cuisine: Indian 
Main ingredients : Bitter Gourd
Author : Aruna SarasChandra



bitter gourd - 250 gms
coriander seeds - 2 tsp
urad dal - 2 tsp
chana dal - 2 tsp
mustard seeds - 1/4 tsp
cumin seeds / jeera - 1 tsp
fried groundnut seeds - 1 tsp
sesame seeds - 1 tsp(i did not added)
garlic pods - 12
red chillies - 12 adjust
tamarind - small amla size
curry leaves - 1 sprig
jaggery powder - 1/2 tsp
salt as per taste


1) Clean bitter gourd under water and tap it with kitchen towel and grate it using grater. Do not peel its skin and do not discard seeds. (**check tips)

2) Add 2 pinches of salt to the grated bitter gourd and keep it aside for 30 minutes and start frying other ingredients.

3) Take a wide and heavy bottomed pan first fry coriander seeds on medium flames when it starts changing color add mustard and cumin seeds fry a second and take it into plate.

4) Now fry urad and chana dal on medium flames till they changes color and take into above plate. If you do not have fried groundnut seeds fry here, if you want to add sesame seeds then fry here.

5) Add some oil in the same pan and fry red chillies, garlic and curry leaves and take it into plate, add fried groundnut seeds and tamarind and let it cool.

6) Now squeeze water from bitter gourd, add 2 tsp of oil in the same pan and fry grated and squeezed bitter gourd on low to medium flames till it changes green to brown color. (** check tips)

7) Let the above cool, grind other fried ingredients coarsely by adding salt. Do not add all red chillies at once, until unless you know about its spicy.

8) Now add fried bitter gourd and jaggery powder and grind it corasley. 

9) After grinding spread podi in plate for some time and store it in airtight container.

That's it very aromatic, healthy, spicy, tasty and diabetic friendly kakarakaya karam podi is ready to serve. Surely try this karam podi at home and make your family healthy.


** Adjust quantity of ingredients depends on the quantity of bitter gourd you are using.

** Fry all the ingredients in low to medium flames.

** Instead of grating bitter gourd you can also chop it into fine pieces and fry it, but grating bitter gourd will fry evenly and gives good taste.

** Make sure that you fried bitter gourd without any moist, then only we can store it for long time.

** I did not added sesame seeds/ nuvvulu / til you can fry it while frying dals.

** You can skip adding jaggery.

** Instead of garlic you can add hing.

** Keep powder out for some time and then store it in airtight container.

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Hope you like this spicy,tasty, delicious and healthy bitter gourd karam podi / kakarakaya karam podi . Give it a try and drop your comments in inbox.

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  1. same pinch, Aruna !! I love the idea of grating the bitter gourd and then pan frying - a brilliant idea.. I think even our ingredient list is the same except for the groundnuts..

    1. Thanks much Kalyani,you added sesame seeds, i skipped it.

  2. Unlike many people I love karela dishes.. loved this recipe as it is very handy and I can keep a batch made just for myself as family is not very fond of it.. will surely try out this one!!

  3. Aruna, if this podi does not taste bitter then I'd love to try out the recipe. I like your step by step explanation and the tips to make a perfect kakarakaya karam podi. I'm sure even my hubby will love it as he loves karela.

    1. Thank you di, it is not bitter, but you can feel its taste and flavor after eating (what i felt). When i served this podi with idli to hubby he did not identified that it has karela in it. You have to fry it well and take proper measurements di, you can also add sesame seeds di. Try with small quantity surely you will love it.

  4. Very nice .. I love karelas and will make this podi

  5. Such a unique recipe! I'd love to try it out some time. I do like bitter gourd, but don't love it too much. I'm sure this podi will make me fall in love with the veggie. :) Doesn't the podi taste bitter at all?

    1. Thanks a lot Priya, Surely you will love it. You can feel its taste and flavor but it not bitter for karela eating people :)

  6. Loved your step by step detailed recipe Aruna. In my family everyone love bitter gourd and I am sure this aromatic podi with chilli and garlic will be a hit. I will try it sometime for sure.

  7. So flavourful and nutritious Chutney powder. A super delicious condiment. Loved the detailed explanation.

  8. I have never tasted this bitter gourd podi but your recipe is tempting me tot it out soon. Thanks for the healthy share Aruna.

  9. Wow that is a very interesting recipe with Karela. I would definitely try this. I was intrigued on how you are going to make a powder, now got it.