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Chocolate and custard jelly cake || How to prepare chocolate and custard jelly cake

 Chocolate and custard jelly cake with step by step pics and tips. Today's recipe is one of my favorite that is jelly, kids never say no to jellies. Yes yes there is no age limit, many of us are fans to jellies. If it is chocolate jelly and that homemade means no need to tell. I prepared two layers of jellies, one chocolate jelly and other is custard jelly. This is my second jelly recipe in my blog, cold coffee with coffe e jelly  is my first jelly recipe, do check this recipe in my youtube channel.  Some information about china grass or agar agar or Japanese isinglass(information from wiki)  is - it is a type of vegetable gelatin extracted from seaweed. This is natural thickener and it is used to prepare jellies, puddings,ice creams, puddings, desserts etc., It is available in the form of dried strands or in powder form. I used dried strands, it is soaked in hot water for 10 to 20 minutes then used. We can also powder the dried strand and use. It gives smooth and glassy look, it set easily on room temperature. And it does not melt when kept out at room temperature so we can use it easily. We have to remember two points, firstly measurement and secondly adding second layer on perfect time. If we add second layer after  first layer set, then we do not get jelly cake perfectly. Both layers will separate, so take care of it to get perfect jelly cake.

Taking this yummy and tasty jelly cake to "Shhhhh Secretly cooking challenge" fb group started by Priya, and taken further till date by Mayuri di, I bookmarked her Sour dough breadChocolate truffles to try soon. Do check her space for wonderful recipes.We completed recipes from all states from A to Z, so now admin team and members decided a new interesting way for monthly theme that is - one group member in alphabetical order will suggest theme. Later admin team will pair interested members, then we share 2 secret ingredients among us and prepare recipe using it and all other members will guess it.

  This week theme is suggested by "Mayuri di ", check out her space for wonderful recipes, i bookmarked her Dates Panner cheese cakevanilla chia pannacotta 
 to try soon. I am paired with  "JayaShree Trao", she is very friendly and talented chef from Karnataka. I bookmarked chocolate and vanilla floral cookies, Sel roti recipes to try. I gave coconut oil and walnuts as secret ingredients to Jaya di with which she prepared Chocolate cake, in turn she gave choco chips and vanilla essence as two secret ingredients. These two ingredients added good taste and flavor to my cake. 

                           Chocolate and custard jelly cake 

Preparation time  - 15 minutes
cook Time : 20 minutes
set time - 2 hours
Serves : 2
Category : cakes
Recipe Cuisine: Indian
Main ingredients : China grass
Author : Aruna SarasChandra



(adjust ingredients according to your mold size)

For chocolate layer

China grass- 6 gm

water - 1 cup

cocoa powder - 1 table spoon

vanilla essence - 1 tsp

sugar - 3/4 cup (adjust sweet accordingly)

choco chips - 1/2 cup

For custard layer 

milk - 1 cup

custard powder - 1 tablespoon

sugar - 1/2 cup

white chocolate - 1/4 cup(i used 1 milky bar)


1)  Heat 1 cup of water and soak china grass for 20 minutes.

2) Check your cake mold or any shaped bowl size. Add water in that check how many cups or glasses it will fit. 3 glasses of water is perfect for my cake mold. So 1&1/2 glass of water used for chocolate jelly and 1&1/2 milk & custard mixture.

3) Take 1&1/2 glass(cups) water in a bowl add 1 table spoon of cocoa powder, choco chips, sugar and vanilla essence mix everything well.

4) Boil the above till sugar dissolves.


5) Then add 6 grams of soaked china grass. Boil till the mixture becomes thick.



6) Strain the above mixture and pour it in cake mold, let it cool.(Make sure to prepare custard jelly mixture soon, we have to had custard jelly mixture before chocolate layer set. )

7) Now start preparing custard jelly. Add 1 table spoon of custard powder in 1/2 cup of boiled and cold milk and mix well.

8) Boil 1 cup of milk by adding custard powder, sugar, grated white chocolate and mix  well(totally 1&1/2 cup ).

9) Later add remaining 6 gms of soaked china grass boil it in low to medium flames till china grass dissolves and custard mixture becomes thick.

10) Let the above cool for some time, then strain it on chocolate jelly layer.

11) Remove foam by using spoon, let it cool to room temperature then keep it in refrigerator for 2 to 3 hrs to set perfectly.

12) After 3 hrs demold the jelly cake by placing plate on it. If you feel it is sticky to cake wall then use sharp end knife  and scratch it carefully. Important point to remember, jelly cake is very sensitive. Be careful while demolding it.

That's it our chocolate and custard jelly cake is ready . Decorate it with grated white chocolate and choco chips.


** Soak china grass in hot water for 20 min, so that it will cook easily.

** Strain both chocolate and custard mixture after boiling, in order to get undissolved china grass.

** Measurement of china grass depends on the size of mold you used. If you use less china grass then it will break while demolding.

** Make sure to set it well, otherwise it will break.

**Make sure that chocolate jelly is not set fully before adding custard jelly mixture. If you feel chocolate jelly is set then do not add custard layer on it. Pour custard jelly mixture in separate mold. And prepare two separate jelly cakes.

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