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Curry leaves powder|| karivepaaku podi || karuveppilai podi

Curry leaves powder|| karivepaaku podi || karuveppilai podi

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Here I'm posting curry leaves powder.Famous in podi varieties,for mainly south Indians. I take this karivepaaku podi in my food daily in some or other way.we can serve this podi with rice,idli and dosas.It is easy to prepare in less time and we can store it in tight container for one month,we can keep it in refrigerator.We can prepare this powder in many ways,i will post other varities too ..Whenever I'm alone nd lazy to cook lunch, I prepare curry leaves powder rice(karivepaaku podi Annam),and enjoy  😋😋. I will share karivepaaku podi rice recipe soon.Trust me once u taste this  podi,it will become your favourite podi 🙂. Moreover curry leaves is rich in vitamin A and calcium.I will mention benefits of using curry leaves in the ending of this post(health benefits of using curry leaves)check it out...

Let's start curry leaves powder recipe...

Prep Time : 10 mins
 Cook Time : 20 mins
 Yields: 1 Cup
 Recipe Category: Podi Recipes
 Recipe Cuisine: South Indian


Curry leaves-1 cup tightly packed

Urad dal-1 big spoon(or 2tsp)

Channadal-1 big spoon(or 2tsp)

Cumin seeds-1tsp


Tamarind-small lemon sized

Red chillies-8 (I used small size)

Garlic-4 cloves

Dry coconut-2 tsp

Salt as per taste

Oil -1 tsp


1.Wash curry leaves well, clean it with cloth to remove excess water from it.Spread the washed curry leaves on cloth in shade for 30min or more. Check if moisture not there on leaves, otherwise the powder can't stay for more days.

2.Take a pan add 1/2tsp oil and add channadal,saute it for few seconds then add urad dal fry it well untill you get nice aromatic smell and dal turns into golden brown.

3.Now add cumin seeds,pepper fry it for few seconds and take it in a plate.

4.Add 1/2 tsp of oil and fry red chillies,garlic and tamarind for few seconds and take it to plate.

5.Roast curry leaves well,untill it becomes crisp.Donot burn it,switch off flames.Let the leaves for some time to cool ,so that the leaves will break when crushed with figures.

6.After cooling the above fried items. Firstly grind the dal,redchilli,cumin,pepper,coconut then add curry leaves and grind everything slight coarse.Atlast add garlic cloves and grind for two seconds.

Tasty curry leaves powder is ready to serve.Take a tsp of this powder with hot rice, add ghee and eat...


*Instead of using oil you can dry roast the ingredients.
*We can use hing instead of garlic.(or use both).
*We can add jaggery too..

Health benefits of using curry leaves:

*It's good for hair,it controls hair fall nd hair greying

*It's good for eyesight.
*Protects liver
*Good source of antioxidant.
*Great for skin care.
*Stops diarrhoea.
*It's has anti- diabetic bproperty
*It lowers cholesterol levels
*Fights against leukaemia, prostate and     colorectal cancers..

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