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Rava Pizza, Eggless, no maida pizza, How to prepare pizza using semolina

Rava pizza is very easy to prepare, without adding egg and maida. Rava is also known as semolina or sooji. The taste of pizza depends upon how much  cheese we added. I use to purchase pizza base from mall to prepare pizza. But now a days I am using semolina/rava for base. It is healthy and tasty too, as I am going on vaccation thought to complete chesse which is their in fridge from long time. Today I prepared with minimum ingredients which is easily available at every home. Yes you have to purchase cheese compulsory to prepare this rava pizza 🤗.

 We make this rava pizza super healthy by adding veggies like onions,tomatoes,carrot, capsicum baby corns, olive. Today I used onion, tomato and carrot. We can use schezwan sauce to make pizza more tasty. I used tomato ketchup. I sprinkled pepper powder at end which added good taste, we can also use herbs. I used 4 Amul cheese cubes for 1 rava pizza. We can also use cheese slices.

           Rava/semolina pizza

Preparation Time : 15 minutes
Cook Time : 10  minutes
Serves : 1 pizza
Category : Snacks/Starters
Recipe Cuisine: Indian version 
Main ingredients: Rava & cheese
Author : ArunaSarasChandra


Fine Rava/semolina/sooji - 
                            1 glass(small)
Curd - 1 glass
Cheese cubes - 4
Water - 1 1/2 to 2 glasses
Onion - 1 small
Tomato - 1 small
Carrot - half
Garlic - 1 tsp I did not used
Pepper powder - 1 pinch
Baking soda - 1/4 tsp
Salt as per taste
Oil - 2tsp


1) Take a bowl add 1glass rava. (** check tips) 

2) Add 1 glass of curd to the above.

3) Mix rava and curd well by adding  water little by little till you get batter consistency. 

4) Close the lid and rest it for 15 minutes, meanwhile cut veggies. cut onions and tomatoes into petals shape and carrot thin slices and keep it ready. 

5) Grate cheese by using grater and keep it aside. 

6) After 15 minutes, add 1/4 tsp of baking soda into it. 

7) Batter will be bit thick, so add water accordingly. Batter will become fluffy after adding baking soda. 

8) Mix the above well, you have to get thick batter consistency. 

9) Now heat pan and add batter and spread it thickly, like uttapam(check ** tips). 

10) Add oil around rava base cook it on low flames, we can observe small holes on the top. It take approx 2 minutes. 

11) Now turns the base other side carefully. 

12) Apply tomato ketchup on the top. If schezwan sauce available you can spread that on top. 

13) Now spread grated cheese on the base as shown below. 

14) Now arrange chopped veggies on the cheese on your wish. You can also add chopped garlic pieces.

15) Now again spread grated chesse on the veggies and sprinkle salt on it. If herbs available you can also sprinkle on it. 

 16) Close the lid and cook it 1 to 2 minutes on very low flames, or till the cheese melts. 

17) Atlast sprinkle a pinch of pepper powder on it and switch off the flames. 

Yummy and cheesy pizza is ready to serve and take it into plate. 

Cut the pizza using pizza cutter or knife and serve. 


* You can spread schezwan sauce instead of tomato ketchup. 

* You can also top capsicum, baby corn and olive.


** Add water accordingly,  quantity of water depends on the of rava used. 

** Main thing to remember is prepare base immediately after adding baking soda. 

** You can also use ENO powder instead of baking soda. 

** Spread thick batter to prepare. If base is thin it will burn and will roast quickly before cheese melt. 

** Cook rava base on low flames otherwise it will burn. 

** Spread cheese properly otherwise it will to Tawa. 

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Hope you like yummy, cheesy and lipsmacking and healthy version Rava pizza. Give it a try and drop your comments and pics in inbox.

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