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Rajasthani Moong Dal Halwa, How to prepare Moong Dal Ka Halwa

Hi friends, how are you all.. I am back after small break with Rajasthani delicacy dessert "Moong Dal Halwa".  Every state has its own signature recipes, this recipe is North Indian popular dessert that is prepared during winter season and on festivals like holi, diwali etc.. It is lentil(yellow split mung lentil) based dessert prepared by soaking, grinding and frying. Are you thinking it as very simple ?? the process looks bit simple but lots of work to your hands which i experienced. But the out come is heavenly it is melt mouth and nutty dessert that i was not able to stop with 1 cup. Moong dal is also know as pesara pappu in telugu, hesaru bele in kannada, pasi paruppu in tamil.

 I prepared this sweet in my mom's place when my kastu pedamma(mom's sis) came home. She helped me in stirring 😂 , as it takes lots of time to stir mainly when you are not using non stick kadai. This is first time i am preparing this recipe, i learned this halwa from Dassana Amit. What we need to do to get perfect moong dal halwa is patience and lots of ghee. The taste of halwa depends on the ghee and how it fried. Let's start recipe..

Taking this delectable and mouth melting "Rajasthani Moong Dal Halwa" to Shhhhh Secretly Cooking Challenge fb group started by Priya of Priyas Versatile Recipes and taken further till date by Mayuri she blogs at Mayuris jikoni.  Here admins will select one Indian state in alphabetical order. And they pick pairs for theme, pairs will share 2 ingredients, using that ingredients we will prepare recipe and post it in group album. Other group members will guess the secret ingredient.

  For this July month we are all cooking Rajasthani cuisine, and my partner for this month is Poonam Bachhav, she blogs at Annapurna. She is a wonderful and talented chef, recently she won "super Chef" cooking competition conducted by Tata Sampann and also got chance to meet  chef "Sanjeev Kapoor" ðŸ˜. I learned many recipes from her, do visit her blog where you can find different traditional, regional, authentic and fusion recipe.As I was busy in mom's place thought to prepare easy sweet recipe, so Poonam gave me ghee and raisins I prepared this moong dal halwa with those ingredients. In turn i gave ginger and turmeric as two secret ingredients she prepared  "Gatte Ka Sabji/ Gram Flour Dumplings in Spicy Yogurt Gravy", it looks very delicious with awsome presentation. Do check her blog.. 


                      Rajasthani Moong  Dal Halwa

Soak Time : 3 hours
Preparation Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time : 30  minutes
Serves : 4 people 
Category : Desserts / Regional 
Recipe Cuisine: Rajasthani
Main ingredient: Moong dal, ghee
Author : Aruna SarasChandra


moong dal / yellow split mung lentils - 1 cup
sugar - 3/4 th cup
ghee - 3/4 th  cup
milk - 1 cup
water - 2 cups
cashew nuts - 10
raisins - 10
elachi - 4


1) Wash moong dal in water well and soak it in enough water for minimum 3 hrs.

2) Remove excess water and grind to smooth paste by adding little amount of water.

3) Take a wide kadai (non stick pan is preferred), add 4 tsp of ghee fry cashew nuts till it changes golden color  take it into plate then fry raisins till it becomes fluffy take it into plate.(**check tips)

3) Now add moong dal paste to the above and stir it well.

4) At starting moong dal looks like paste as shown below, you need to keep on stir by adding ghee in middle, it absorbs ghee quickly.

5) Mean while boil milk by adding sugar and elachi powder in it. As elachi powder readily not available at home i grind sugar + elachi and added it in milk.  

6) After stirring minimum 20 minutes our moong dal paste came to granule consistency and also starts changing color and you will get nice aroma now.

7) Now add boiled milk to the above fried moong dal and mix it well by mixing well, as milk is hot be careful while adding .

8) Mix the above milk and moong dal well till moong dal absorbs milk and becomes thick. Then add fried nuts, raisins and remaing ghee mix it well.

That's it Rajasthani dessert moong dal halwa is ready to serve. 


** Using non stick kadai will reduce your stirring work, if you are using normal kadai then keep stirring on low to medium flame otherwise dal will stick to kadai.

** You can use almonds and pistachios for garnishing.

** You can also adjust the quantity of ghee as per available. But adding good amount of ghee will enhance its taste.

** Be careful while adding hot milk to the fried dal.

** I used 3/4 rth of sugar, adjust sweet as per your taste.

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Hope you like this delicious and mouth melting Rajasthani Moong Dal Halwa. Give it a try and drop your comments in inbox.
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  1. My family loves mung dal halwa. It's a delight to have hot halwa during chilling winters. Your halwa looks scrumptious Aruna ! I am sure it tasted heavenly with that oddles if ghee going in. Thank you for your kind words about me and my blog. Means a lot.

  2. Fabulous efforts in this divine preparation .loved the do s n dnts lovely tips in preparation

  3. I am drooling at that bowl of halwa... I had initially wanted to make this halwa but then decided not to since I didn't want to eat too much sweet... hehe... and my secret ingredients were more for savory. Totally love the color...

    1. Thanks alot for lovely words dear Rafeeda 😊

  4. I absolutely love moong Dal Halwa. You have made it perfectly, and it looks super delicious and inviting! :)

  5. This reminds me of my best friend Manju.. she used to make this halwa for me .. So delicious it tastes.

  6. oh wow ! thats a super rich . super yummilicious halwa. I make it slightly differently. with all that soaking, grinding and stirring, the halwa is definitely worth the effort... well done, Aruna ...

  7. One of my favourites. My neighbour used to make it every navratri and parcel sone to our house

    1. Wow,your neighbors are very sweet, Thank you Priya 😊

  8. I love moong dal halwa but did not think it was so simple( or than the stirring) to make. I loved the way you have made it.

  9. Scrumptious moong dal halwa!! love the recipe to the core and it looks so inviting.. you are right Aruna, it needs lot of stirring but end is comforting sweet treat.. we can see it is truly a Fruits of Labour!!

  10. Moong dal is the favourite at home. Yours looks so delicious. I need to make it soon now.

  11. I love moong halwa but have yet to try making it at home. Most halwa recipes take a long time to stir and cook but the end result is most delicious.

  12. You are right, moong dal halwa does take time to cook, but the end results are worth it. You have explained the recipe so well with step by step instructions. Lovely yummy halwa.

  13. Moong dal halwa, such flavour and taste it has! I don't try to make it because as you rightly said, the stirring is important and takes time, and nowadays I don't seem to have the stamina to stand and stir! Looking delicious!

    1. Yes di, my pedamma helped me in stirring Thank you so much di😊

  14. wow.. what a delightful treat. very tempting and absolutely delicious. I also thought to make moong dal halwa only when moong dal was given to me. You pic is tempting me to try soon.

  15. I love moong dal halwa. You made me nostalgic. This reminds me my mom made moong dal halwa. Halwa looks lip-smacking. Can't wait to try. Now I have to make it soon 😊