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Bellam Undrallu || Vinayaka chavithi prasadam Teepi undrallu || Bellam Kudumulu

Bellam Undrallu || Bellam kudumulu with step by step pics & tips. Undrallu are steamed flour dumplings, prepared as naivedyam to Lord Ganesha on Vinayaka chavithi/ chathurthi festival. Check this recipe in my youtube channel

We can prepare it in two varieties savory and sweet . I already shared savory rice rava dumplings/ undrallu recipe in my blog &  youtube channel check it out. Today i am sharing jaggery rice flour dumpling called as "Bellam Undrallu" in Telugu. It is very divine, delicious and very easy to prepare naivedyam recipe with less ingredients.

Important points:

 ** Color of bellam undrallu depends on type of jaggery you are using, also it changes color after steaming. 

**You can also prepare this using rice rava. If using rice rava then remember this ratio 1:2 rice rava : water. 

** For rice flour we use 1:1&1/2 or 1:1/4 rice flour:water. After cooking rice dough, let it side for 15 minutes. 

**Steam it 8 to 10 min on medium to high flames, later set it aside for 5 minutes, so that you will get good glassy look to undrallu. If you steam undrallu for long time, they will become hard.

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Taking this regional & festive "Bellam Undrallu" recipe to FoodieMondayBloghop fb groups #260MeethePalBy this time you are all aware that i am part of this lovely group where we bloggers share recipe for theme suggested by a person in alphabetical order every week. This week Sujata Roy di suggested theme, we all selected sweet recipe theme. I like Sujati di's cooking a lot, she is "Rasagulla Queen", you can find many varieties of traditional and infusion rasagulla recipes like chilli rasagulla in her site, check out her varieties of rasugulla's. Also loved her latest caramel custard.  Do not miss checking my blogger friends yummy and delicious sweet recipe.



                                                             Bellam Undrallu

Preparation time - 15 minutes
cook time :  25 min
Serves : 15 bellam undrallu 
Category : Prasadam/Regional/Festival/Sweets
Recipe Cuisine: Andhra
Main ingredients : Rice flour, jaggery 
Author : Aruna SarasChandra



Rice flour - 1 glass
jaggery - 3/4 to 1 glass(adjust)
fresh grated/ scrapped coconut - 2 tsp
soaked chana dal - 2 tsp
elachi powder - 1 tsp
ghee- 2 tsp
water - 1 + 1/4 glass

** Soak chana dal for 1 to 2 hrs or 30 min in hot  water, so that it quickly. Or cook chana dal separately and add it.


1) Depending on your taste use 3/4 or 1 glass of jaggery. Add jaggery in a kadai to this add 1/4 glass of water, melt it on low flames.

2) Strain jaggery using strainer, this will remove dust from jaggery.

3) Now add 1 tsp of ghee in a kadai, to this add soaked chana dal fry it for a second. Later add fresh grated coconut fry it well on low flames for few seconds.

4) To this add 1 glass of water and mix everything well. Boil till chana dal becomes smooth. For 1 glass of rice we take 1 or 1& 1/2 glass of water (1:1&1/4 or 1:1&1/2 rice flour : water). We already added 1/4 glass of water while melting jaggery, so i used 1 glass of water here.

5) To this add melted jaggery, mix everything well and boil for a minute. Now add 1 glass of rice flour with one hand, and mix well with other hand without any lumps(** Make sure that chana dal soaked well.)

6) Mix rice flour well on low flames, after mixing flour switch off the flames. Close the lid and let it set aside for 10 to 15 min.

7) After 15 min open lid, take dough in a bowl. Add ghee to your and mix dough well. Now apply some more ghee to your hands or dip your hands in water and pinch some dough.  you can mold it like ladoo's or press it flat (thin or thick as per your wish) like small puri as per your wish. I prepared both shapes, check pics..

8) Now add 1 cup of water in idli cooker or in steamer, let it boil on high flames for a minute. Mean while grease idli stand or steamer plate/bowl with ghee or place banana leaf on steamer plate and place prepared bellam undrallu on it.  Now place it in idli cooker & steam it for 8 minutes on medium to high flames.

9) As my steamer bowl is small i steamed 2 shapes of undrallu separately. Take the above kudumulu in a plate and closed the lid & keep it aside for 5 min. Now steam round undrallu for 8 min on medium to high flames.

10) After 8 min, close the lid & keep it aside for 5 min to set.

That's it our traditional & delicious "Bellam Undrallu" are ready to offer Lord Ganesha. You can also prepare this for Sankashta or on normal days too..


** Use 1 : 1&1/2 or 1:1/4 ratio of rice flour : water to get perfect dough.

** If you feel your dough is very tight sprinkle some hot water.

** If you feel your dough is sticky add some flour.

** Resting dough for 10 to 15 min after cooking is must, in
order to set dough.

** Make sure that chana dal soaked well. If you do not have much time to soak chana dal, then cook it separately and add it.

** Do not steam for long time, it will become hard.

** After steaming, let it set aside for minimum 5 min to get good glassy look.

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  1. This is so very similar to our nombu adai that we make..the recipe is almost the same . You have explained it very well and nice step wise pictures are captured . Only different is we add lobia or cow peas instead of channa dhall. So much similarity in our cuisines and such nice names too

  2. Love all your regional shares Aruna ! So good to know about the various cultures of our country. This festive treat with rice flour , jaggery , chana dal and coconut sounds very flavorful amd as it is steamed , it is healthy too.

  3. Aruna I've tasted and made the savory undrallu and love it. This sweet bellam undrallu looks really delicious. Its obviously a new recipe for me. However, would love to try out the recipe.

  4. Loved the name bellam undrallu. A completely new dish for me. Looks so healthy and delicious. We make a similar recipe with rice flour dough, stuffed with khoya coconut stuffing and steamed. And served with date palm jaggery syrup. Next time I will try your bellam undrallu for sure.

  5. Such a healthy and wholesome steamed snack! I can imagine how beautiful this must taste. This is something very new to me, and I would love to try it out some time. :)

  6. Such a healthy and wholesome steamed snack! I can imagine how beautiful this must taste. This is something very new to me, and I would love to try it out some time. :)

  7. Such a healthy and wholesome steamed snack! I can imagine how beautiful this must taste. This is something very new to me, and I would love to try it out some time. :)

  8. Aruna I always appreciate how to share your traditional recipes that are so new to me.. thanks for introducing these to us.. I would love to try these healthy sweet treats with so much flavours for some special occasion or festival.

  9. Your post made me nostalgic. Had these during my stay at Vizag years back . My friends mom used to make these . These looks delectable and a perfect offering to God.

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