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Oats and nuts Ladoo, Oats ladoo using different nuts

Happy EID to all friends 💐 and advance  Happy Raksha Bandan to all friends & family 🎕. Today's recipe is healthy, tasty, chewy and easily prepared "Oats & Nuts Ladoo". It is protein rich and low fat ladoo, prepared with oats , nuts and brown sugar. We can prepare it using jaggery , sugar or brown sugar. It does not take more ghee to mold ladoo's , we can add any nuts available at home. Pack it in your family lunch box, they even can have it as snack.  Lots of health benefits of using oats like, it is good for weight loss, controls sugar, rich in fiber etc.. it is prepared very easily with 3 simple steps -- frying, grinding and molding. 

 I used almonds, cashew nuts, ground nuts, dry coconut to prepare these ladoo's. You can also add nuts of your choice also include poppy and sesame seeds to make it more healthy. Use 1 tsp of ground nuts for 1 cup of oats, as ground nuts dominates other nuts tastes. You can grind oats to coarsely of fine powder depending on your taste.

 Taking this sweet to #FoodieMondayBloghop fb group #208MeetheBandhan  theme, as the Raksha Bandan festival is around we all bloggers posting sweet/savory recipes. This week theme is hosted by talented and adventurous chef  "Archana di" she blog at 
"The Mad Scientists kitchen". Do visit her site for wonderful, innovative, tasty, authentic and traditional recipes. I love her way of writing the post, you will get full information from scratch regarding recipe. For example recently she posted lemon basil granita recipe, where she explained about what is granita and where it is originated from etc..i just love to adopt this way of writing  from her 😍.  Dedicating today's recipe to my brother Ram on occasion of Raksha Bandana 😻😻. 

                     Oats & Nuts Ladoo

Preparation Time : 5 minutes
Cook Time : 15 minutes
Serves : 8 ladoo's
Category : Sweets/ Desserts
Recipe Cuisine: Indian
Main ingredients : Oats , nuts
Author : Aruna SarasChandra


oats - 1 1/2 cup
almonds - 15
cashew nuts - 15
ground nuts - 1 tsp
dry coconut - 2 tsp
brown sugar - 1/2 cup (adjust) 
elachi - 3 or elachi powder - 1/2 tsp
ghee - 2 tsp


1) Take a pan add oats dry fry till it changes color on low - medium flames then take it into plate.

2) Then add almonds dry fry till changes color and take it into plate.

3) Now dry fry cashew nuts and ground nuts till changes and take it into plate.

4) Once ground nuts becomes cool remove its skin. Now fry dry coconut for few second and take it into plate. Let all the fried ingredients cool for few minutes.

5) Now take the above fried oats and nuts into mixer jar, add brown sugar and elachi and grind it into fine powder.

6) Take the above powder into bowl add 2 tsp of ghee, mix everything well and start molding ladoo's.

That's it healthy, tasty and protein rich Oats & Nut's Ladoo is ready to serve. Store it in dry air tight container , you can pack this ladoo's for journey or in lunch boxes.


** You can use jaggery or sugar or brown sugar to prepare this ladoos.

** Do not add more ghee as it will leave ghee after some time.

** You can use any nuts according to taste and availability.

** Do not add more quantity of ground nuts as it dominates the taste of other ingredients.

** Adjust quantity of nuts, oats and sweetness according to your taste and availability.

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Hope you like this delicious, fat free Oats & Nuts ladoo. Give it a try and drop your comments in inbox.

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  1. What a healthy and wholesome sweet treat! I love that you've used oats and brown sugar to make the laddoos. They surely look delicious!

  2. I love how versatile oats ladoo are, one can add about any nuts and seeds to it. Its an easy recipe and these ladoos come in handy when one is hungry in between meals. Love how you've a mixture of nuts and coconut.

  3. Omg! That is so sweet of you Aruna. I am feeling humbled. Thanks s lot for the praise.
    These ladies are delicious and definitely healthy. I wish I can reach for some. Unfortunately will have to make mine myself.

  4. Oats and nuts Ladoo sound very healthya they look absolutely delectable ! A quick recipe for those sweet cravings !

  5. Ladoos look so delectable Aruna. loved the ingredients here so nutritious perfect not only for festive occasions but also for everyday snacking!!

  6. They are perfectly made Laddus, Aruna ! and not to forget super healthy too ! I don't add dry Copra to my Oats laddus, but will definitely add it next time ..

  7. Oats and nuts laddo looks delectable. A perfect treat on the occasion of Rakshabandhan. I am in love with these healthy ladoos.

  8. Guilt free treats this are with oats and all the yummy goodness from the nuts. Perfect to start my morning or as an eve snack

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