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Nalla Karam Podi || Andhra Style Nalla Karam Podi || nalla karam podi for idli, dosa and rice

 Nalla Karam  podi || Andhra Nalla Karam is Andhra's popular podi variety. It is very tasty podi which is spicy, aromatic and nutty.  Andhra is famous for spice powders popularly called as "podi" and "pickles". We Andhra people prepare many podi recipes which taste different at each home. We can have these podi's as side dish for breakfasts like idli, dosaadaiupma, and these also taste yummy with rice. I just love to have these podi with hot steam rice and ghee. Today's podi nalla karam is prepared using coriander seeds and red chilies as main ingredient. It is very easy to prepare this podi in less time, so do not miss trying this podi.

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Taking this spicy and tasty Nalla karam to FoodieMondayBloghop fb groups #278SpiceMixSecrets. By this time you are all aware that I am part of this lovely group where we bloggers share recipe for theme suggested by a person in alphabetical order every week. This week theme was suggested by me, waiting for different podi recipes from my blogger friends. 

                               Nalla Karam Podi 

Preparation time - 5 minutes
Cook Time - 15
Serves : approximately 250 grams of podi 
Category : Podi 
Recipe Cuisine: South Indian 
Main ingredients : coriander seeds and garlic
Author : Aruna SarasChandra


Coriander seeds - 1 cup
black urad dal - 3 tsp
chana dal - 1.5 tsp
cumin seeds - 2 tsp
red chillies - 10 (adjust **check tips)
curry leaves - 1/2 cup
garlic - 7
tamarind - small lemon size
salt - as per taste
oil - 2 tsp


1) Dry fry coriander seeds in wide pan on low to medium flames till it changes color and you get nice aroma. Later take it into plate.

2) Now add 1/2 tsp of oil and fry black urad dal till you get nice aroma and take it into plate.

3) In the same pan fry chana dal till it changes color and take it into place

4) Now fry cumin seeds till you get nice aroma and take it into same plate.

5) Now add remaining oil and fry red chilli till it changes color and take into plate.

6) In the same pan add curry leaves fry till it becomes crisp and take it into another plate. You can also use dried curry leaves instead of curry leaves.

7) At last fry garlic in the same pan for few minute and take into curry leaves plate. You can use garlic without frying, in order to keep this podi fresh for long time we fry it. (** check tips)

8) Let all the above fried ingredients cool for room temperature.

9) Now take all fried ingredients other than curry leaves and garlic into mixer jar.

10) To this add tamarind and required amount of salt and grind coarsely. 

11) Now add fried curry leaves and garlic grind it coarsely.

That's is our "Nalla Karam podi" is ready.

 Spread this podi it into plate and let it cool for sometime. Later store it into dry air tight container, it will stay fresh for more than 2 months.


** Fry all the ingredients on low to medium flames carefully, do not burn it.

** If black urad not available then use normal urad dal, using black urad dal gives good taste to podi.

** Use red chilli according to your taste. Guntur red chillies are very spice in taste, add accordingly.

** You can use half Guntur red chilli and half Kashmiri/ byadigi variety red chilli as per your availability.

** You can also add 1/8 tsp of methi/ fenugreek seeds to get nice aroma to podi.

** You can use sun dried/ dried curry leaves. 

** Grind nalla karam coarsely, do not grind it too smooth.

** If you do not eat garlic, then skip adding it. Instead of garlic add asafoetida.

** Do not add red chilli all at once while grinding this podi. 

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Hope you liked this nalla karam podi recipe. Give it a try and drop your comments in inbox.

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  1. As always a unique and fiery tasty chutney from Andhra cuisine. Love the color of the podi

  2. Wow Aruna you have a great collection of podi recipes. This podi also looks so aromatic. I am sure it will enhance the flavour of any dish. Loved your well explained recipe and notes for different options and tips. I would love to add little methi.

    1. Thank you di, I too add methi seeds sometimes which gives nice aroma to podi.

  3. Nalla Kharam podi sounds so flavourful and delicious. I remember having this podi during my stay in vizag . Your post made me nostalgic. Would love to try your recipe sometime .

  4. Now this garlic flavored Nalla Karam Podi will definitely be so delicious with some plain rice or idli. Love how the south Indian cuisine has such a huge variety of podi powders.