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Homemade chocolates - Diya and cracker shape homemade chocolates with yummy stuffing

 Homemade chocolate recipe - Diya, cracker and other shape stuffed homemade chocolate recipes. Who d't like chocolate, I think chocolates are only one food item that everyone loves to have it. If you are in good mood or sad mood or in angry chocolates are the best companion to lift our mood. Homemade chocolates are very special, that too when these chocolates stuffed with your kids favorite chocolate balls, gems and moms favorite dry fruits, they just taste heavenly. Today I am sharing diya, cracker and shape chocolates, we will get different shape chocolate molds in markets that too in less price. We can prepare chocolates using cocoa, chocolate powders or by using chocolate compounds. Today I am using dark, milk & white compound chocolates. I prepared these chocolates for last year Diwali festival, so I used diya and cracker shape molds you can use molds of your choice. You can use silicon molds or plastic molds as per availability, I used both mold.  Do check out this recipe video in our youtube channel, by just clicking below link

Homemade chocolate, Diya Cracker shape chocolates

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Foodie Monday Blog Hop

Taking this Homemade chocolates to  FoodieMondayBloghop fb group's #296FamilyFavorite theme. By this time you are all aware that I am part of this lovely group where we bloggers share recipe for theme suggested by a person in alphabetical order every week. This week I got chance to suggest theme, I suggested to prepare any recipe that is our blogger friends family favorite. Waiting for their yummy yummy favorite recipes. Chocolates are my hubbies favorite, so I thought to share this recipe with you all, hope you all like it.


                                      Homemade Chocolates

Preparation time - 10 minutes
cook time : 20 min
Serves : 30 + chocolates
Category : chocolates
Recipe Cuisine: Indian
Main ingredients : Compound chocolate
Author : Aruna SarasChandra


dark compound chocolate - 200gms
milk compound chocolate - 200gms
white compound chocolate - 150gms
chocolate shots - 10
gems - 15
color balls - 1/4 cup
chopped nuts - 1/4 cup (used cashews, almonds, black raisins)
Oil - 1 tsp(optional)


silicon molds
plastic molds -- use any shapes as per availability
cone bags -2 (for white & dark chocolates) or you can use spoon


1) If you are using plastic molds grease it with oil or ghee, so that chocolates comes out easily.

2) Finely chop dark and milk chocolates in a bowl.

3) Now we have to start double boiling our compound chocolate, for this take container add water in it, make sure that water level does not touch chocolate bowl. 

4) Later place finely chopped compound chocolate bowl on it, boil water on medium flames, mix it continuously till chocolate melts.

5)When chocolate melts perfectly without any lumps, pour it in cone bag. For this take a tall glass, place cone bag in it and then pour melted compound chocolate in it, later tie it with rubber band. You can also use spoon to spread chocolate, but cone bags makes our work neat and easy. 

6) Now spread 1/2 portion of mold with melted  chocolate and then place any stuffing's like chopped dry fruits or gems or shots of your choice, later cover it with chocolate. If you want you can spread some color balls on it, to make chocolates more attractive.

7) Repeat the same process for white chocolate too. 

8) Keep these molds carefully in refrigerator for 1 hour or till they set. 

9) Later demold chocolates by tapping backside of mold, they will come out easily.


10) That's it our homemade chocolates are ready, you can gift these chocolates by just wrapping it using silver foil or using any chocolate gift wrappers.


** You can use any shape molds to prepare chocolates.

** It is very easy to demold chocolates in silicon molds.

** You can melt chocolate in oven easily.

** If you d't have cone bag just use small covers or even spoon. Cone bags make our work easy and neat so I always prefer using cone bags.

** You can also prepare these chocolates without stuffing too.

** Add any stuffing of your choice and availability.

** Add heart shape sprinkles or color balls on it to attract kids.

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Hope you liked this diya and cracker shape homemade chocolates.  Give it a try and drop your comments in inbox.

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  1. The chocolate looks soooo lovely! 😊 I love how you have made these from scratch using different varieties of chocolate. The use of Gems and coloured balls is interesting.