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Jowar popcorn laddu || జొన్న పేలాల లడ్డు || jolada aralu unde || sorgum popcorn laddu

Jowar popcorn laddu || జొన్న పేలాల లడ్డు || jolada aralu unde || sorgum popcorn laddu with step by step pics and tips. Hai friends how are you all? Hope you are all safe and healthy, stay at home, stay safe to protect yourself, ur family and others.
Today's our recipe is very healthy and tasty laddu prepared using jowar popcorn. We can prepare jowar popcorn easily at home, when i went to my mom's place i purchased 1 pack jowar popcorn to prepare laddu for nagula chavithi festival. In some areas of South India mainly Andhra, Karnataka these jowar popcorn ladoos are prepared for nagula chavithi festival / naga puja. This puja is celebrated on chathurthi (fourth day) after Deepavali amavasya during Karthika masam. We can prepare jowar popcorn easily at home, i will share recipe when i get some jowar. It is difficult to get jowar in my place, my mom pack jowar powder, jowar popcorn and some jowar every time go home 😊.  Mom's are always great in packing, while unpacking only you will know why our bags are that much weight😍😂. Jowar is rich in fibre, boosts immune system, regulates calcium, its gluten free. Jonna rotte / jolada rotti is popular and regularly  can say daily prepared recipe in some areas of Andhra and Karnataka.

Taking this super healthy, regional and tasty jowar popcorn ladoos to Shhhhh Secretly Cooking Challenge fb group started by Priya of Priyas Versatile Recipes and taken further till date by Mayuri di who blogs at Mayuris jikoni. We completed recipes from all states from A to Z, so now admin team and members decided a new interesting way for monthly theme that is - one group member in alphabetical order will suggest theme. Later admin team will pair interested members, then we share 2 secret ingredients among us and prepare recipe using it and all other members will guess it. I got chance to suggest theme for this month and theme i decided is #MilletMagic - any recipes prepared using any millet. Healthy theme isn't it :) . This week i am paired with Sasmita, she is from Odisha, i love all her recipes especially photography they are very mesmerizing, do check her space for fusion, innovative, regional and tasty recipes. She gave jowar popcorn and peanuts as secret ingredients with which i prepared this delicious and festive laddu recipe. Inturn gave her onion and pepper powder, with these she prepared healthy and tasty vegetable ragi soup. I bookmarked her Odia style potala rasatandoori momo recipes to try. Eagerly waiting to see recipes shared by blogger friends for my theme. Check out my drawing for theme 😻.

Let's start recipe..


                              Jowar Popcorn laddu

Preparation time : 10 min
Cook Time : 30 minutes
Serves : 15 ladoo's
Category : Sweets / Regional
Recipe Cuisine: Andhra, Karnataka
Main ingredient: jowar popcorn
Author : Aruna SarasChandra



jowar popcorn - 150 gm 
groundnuts - 1/2 cup
roasted chana dal / putnalu - 1/2 cup
jaggery - 1 cup
elachi powder - 1 tsp
ghee - 2 tsp


1) Dry roast peanuts on medium to low flames, when it fry well add roasted chana dal fry for a minute and keep it aside to cool. (** check tips)

2) Now in the same pan dry roast jowar popcorn for a minutes on low flames. If you prepared popcorn freshly then skip this step, use it directly. Take fried popcorn, groundnuts, roasted chana dal in a plate and start preparing jaggery syrup.

3) Soak jaggery in little water and boil till jaggery dissolves in water .

4) In order to remove dust from jaggery strain the above.

5) Now take the above jaggery mixture in a wide pan add few drops of ghee and boil it on low to medium flames. 

6) Boil it by stirring till you get one string consistency. (**check tips)

7) Now add fried popcorn, peanuts, roasted chana dal, elachi powder mix everything well, you can see strings forming on ingredients by jaggery.  

8) Mix the above continuously on low flames, when jaggery strings stops then switch off the flames and let the mixture cool for some time. So that you can mould ladoo, do not leave it long time mixture will become hard. (This is the main step to get perfect shaped ladoo **check tips).

8) grease your hands with ghee, using spoon or any ladle take some mixture and start moulding ladoo. Take care of ur hands, as mixture will be heat, if you let it cool completely then you cannot mould ladoos, then you have to compromise it as jaggery coated popcorn instead of ladoo 😂😉. As i was alone while preparing ladoos i am not able to capture ladoo moulding pic 😁😇. Let the ladoos cool for sometime then store it in airtight container. 

That's it crispy, delicious, healthy and festive jowar popcorn ladoos are ready to serve. Store it in airtight container they will stay crisp for minimum 1 month.


** You can prepare jowar popcorns freshly.

** You can also add cashew nuts, almonds, raisins to make it more healthy.

** Frying peanuts, roasted chana dal and jowar popcorns will keep ladoos crispy for long time.

** i prefer 1 string consistency to prepare these ladoos as they become hard quickly if wait for thick consistency.

** do not burn jaggery syrup it will spoil ladoo taste, if you feel jaggery syrup burnt then better stop it and prepared syrup freshly.

Hope these tips are useful, also check other ladoo recipes by just clicking link below pic..


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Hope you like this crispy, healthy, delicious and festival jowar popcorn ladoos. Give it a try and drop your comments in inbox.

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